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1- Introduction and data of the company

Legal Notice and Terms of use for the regulation of access, browse and/or use of UNITS-4, S.L.U. Website, located on the URL

UNITS-4, S.L.U., is the owner and responsible of this Website, with registered address in Av. Baix Llobregat, 77, C.P. 08690, Santa Coloma de Cervelló (Barcelona), with C.I.F. B58235508, registered in the Companies registry of Barcelona, book 35060, folio 26, sheet number B-78857.

Direct and effective contact with UNITS-4, S.L.U., through e-mail adress: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The contents of this website have been elaborated with the purpose to inform about the company to its users. For that reason the information related with products for their commercialisation, as well as information about business areas or of any other type will be only general and indicative and may be subjected to changes.

2- Access to Website

User must accept this Legal Notice and the Terms of Use that includes for accessing, browsing and using the Website. In this sense, the user status is attributed to anyone that accesses, browses, uses or participates of the services and activities, free or payable, developed in this Website.

In relation with some specific services and contents of the Website, the User, since this moment accepts fully and without any reservation, the current general conditions as well as the particular conditions that, in some case, complement, modify or substitute the general conditions, and in case of contradiction, terms of the particular conditions shall prevail on general conditions.

UNITS-4, S.L.U. advices that information contained in this Website may be incomplete, erroneous or outdated. For that reason UNITS-4, S.L.U. does not assume any responsibility derived from absence of veracity and precision of the data, within limits established by law. Therefore, before taking any action based on the content it will be necessary to check the information obtained from this website through the offices of the company in Av. Baix Llobregat, 77, 08690 Santa Coloma de Cervelló (Barcelona), and the corresponding public registers.

3- Services and contents

User shall assume all the responsibility when making any incorrect use of this Website.

User agrees not to violate the legislation in force, the good faith, generally accepted uses and public order when using this site, its contents and its services.

It is completely forbidden to impede the proper working of the website, its use with illicit or harmful purposes against UNITS-4, S.L.U., to a third part, or its use in anyway that may cause damage to any other part.

It is also forbidden, related with graphic content, texts and any other type of sound and/or image document, pictures, etc.:

Any violation of the copyright property of these documents.

To copy, distribute or modify them.

To use them for any commercial or advertising purposes, different of those strictly permitted.

Any attempt of obtaining the contents of the website by any way different from the ones authorised for users by UNITS-4 S.L.U. as well as those of current use in Internet, without causing any damage to the Website of UNITS-4 S.L.U., unless it is authorised by the owners or by law.

4- Contents modification.

UNITS-4, S.A. reserves the right to modify the structure and the design of the Website, to modify and delete services, contents and access and/or use conditions of the Website unilaterally and without previous advice when it considers appropriate.

5- Links

Links form UNITS-4, S.L.U. to other websites and from other sites to the website of UNITS-4, S.L.U.

In case of that in the Website the user may find some links (to other websites through banners, buttons, etc) or vice versa, which means that any link between this website and any other exists, it would be managed by a third party.UNITS-4, S.L.U. does not have faculty nor human/technical resources to know, control or approve all the information, contents, products or services provided by other web pages that may be linked with this Website.  

For this reason UNITS-4, S.L.U. shall not assume any responsibility for any reason relating to the web page that may be linked to from this Website. Specifically, in an announcing and not restricting way, about its working, access, data, information, documents, quality and reliability of its products and services, its own links and/or any of its contents in general.

In this sense, if Users would have any effective knowledge of illegal activities developed through these websites of third parties, user shall communicate it immediately to UNITS-4, S.L.U., in order to proceed to link disabling.

The establishing of any type of link from the Website to another different site will not mean that exists any relation, collaboration or dependence between UNITS-4, S.L.U. and the responsible of the other web site.

Partial or total reproduction of services and contents of the Website of UNITS-4, S.L.U. is allowed.

A Browser or a border environment will not be created about it.

Deep links will not be allowed to being created between web pages of the Website nor its services.

The web page where the link would be created shall not contain commercial name, any trademark, denomination, logotype, slogan or other distinctive signs and elements owned by UNITS-4, S.L.U., except in case of written authorization.

UNITS-4, S.L.U. does not authorise creation of a link to its Website from those pages that contents materials, information or illegal, illicit, denigrating or obscene contents, and in general against the moral, public order or social prescripts generally accepted.  

6- Indefinite type

Duration of the providing of the Website service and its services is of indefinite type, therefore the temporal validity of this Legal Notice is the same as the time of its exposition, or until it will be modified totally or partly, when it will be in force the modified Legal Notice.

With no damage to what said before, UNITS-4, S.L.U. reserves the right to interrupt, suspend or end the providing of the Website service or any of its services, in the same terms as described in third condition, without any right for the user to claim for a compensation. After this extinction, prohibitions about the contents exposed before in this Legal Notice will still be in force.

7- Responsibility and guarantees exclusion

UNITS-4, S.L.U. does not grant any guarantee nor assume any responsibility, in any case, of damages of any nature that may occur due to:

Inability to satisfy needs, activities, specific results or expectative of the users, because lack of usefulness, adequacy, or validity of the Website and/or its services or contents.

Existence of Virus, malicious programs or harmful contents.

Receiving, obtaining, storage, diffusion or transmission of the contents by users.

The use of the Website and its services or contents by users  in an Illicit, negligent, dishonest, against the current General Conditions, against good faith and uses generally accepted or public order, way.

The lack of legality, quality, reliability, utility and availability of the services provided by third parties and offered to users through the Website.

The non-compliance by third parties of their obligations or commitments in relation to the services provided to users through the Website.

The lack of availability, maintenance and proper work of the Website and/or of its services or contents.

However, UNITS-4, S.L.U. declares that has adopted all the necessary measures, within their means and its technology, to guarantee the Website operation and to avoid the existence and transmission to users of virus and other harmful components.

8- Copyright.

In order to protect the possible existing copyrights, in case of that any user or third party considers that a violation of his legal copyright has occurred by introducing an specific content in the Website, it must be notified to UNITS-4, S.L.U., in order to adopt the necessary measures, indicating:  

Personal data, or in case of representing a third party, the type of representation and data of the owner of the rights apparently violated. In any case, provide of such data shall be in accordance with the regulation of personal data protection and accomplish with the accreditation means of that regulation provided by UNITS-4, S.L.U.

Description of the contents protected by copyright and their location in the Website.

Accreditation of copyright property.

A statement assuming the responsibility of the veracity of the information provided in the notification.

The trademarks of UNITS-4, S.L.U. and its Business Areas with its corresponding denominations and logos, are registered trademarks and it is completely forbidden to copy or use them without authorization of the owner.

Legitimacy of the copyright corresponding to the contents provided by third parties is their exclusive responsibility.

9- Applicable law and jurisdiction

This Legal Notice and the relations established between Entity and User, particularly the acknowledge and resolution of any litigation, dispute or differences that may occur, shall be ruled and resolved within the Spanish law related with applicable legislation and jurisdiction. However, in those cases that legislation allows the parts the possibility to submit the case to a court, the Entity and the User, with express renounce to use any other court, will submit the litigation and/or dispute to the acknowledgement of the Courts of the city of Barcelona.

10-  About data protection

In accordance to the RGPD, UNITS-4, S.L.U. informs you that the personal data that you may provide us when filling electronic registry forms that appear or may appear in this Website, will be kept in files under the responsibility of UNITS-4, S.L.U. the sender will be able to use his right to access, modify, cancel and opposition to the use of his personal data, in the terms and conditions provided by the LOPD. To use this right, it is necessary to go to the offices of the company.

UNITS-4, S.L.U. commits to use your personal data in an absolutely confidential manner and to use them only for the purposes indicated before, in accordance to what is provided in the RGPD and the Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21th of December.